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Statistics On Children Hit By Cars

In the early 1970s, almost 9 out of 10 children living within one mile of school mainly used active transportation to get to school. However, that figure has drastically changed. As of 2001, only 63% of children used that same mode to travel the same distance to school. This decline has been attributed to several factors, such as traffic danger, neighborhood crime, and the distance to school.

The results have been astounding. Automobile usage to and from schools has roughly tripled from 1969 to 2001. In fact, during the school year, the quantity of vehicles on the road between 7:15 AM-8:15 AM increases 30%. Furthermore, during the school year, 20-25% of morning traffic is comprised of parents who are driving their children to various schools.

Interestingly, while the volume of traffic has skyrocketed during recent decades, the rate of child pedestrian traffic deaths has actually decreased! The number of deaths per 1000,000 children was slightly less than 1.5 children, in 1995. By 2002, the figure had dropped slightly over 0.5 children. Similarly, that rate of child pedestrian traffic injuries also decreased during the same period. In fact, the figure was nearly halved during that time! Another interesting statistic is that the pedestrian injury and death rate among children aged 14-years-old and younger, dropped about 50% from 1987-2000, while the same injury and date rate for bicyclists dropped 60%. Some experts have attributed these figures to the corresponding decrease in bicycling and walking among children. Also, these promising figures do not reduce or nullify the need to slow down traffic to improve street safety for kids!

Some other fascinating statistics involving children being hit by cars include:
A 1999 national study revealed that about two-thirds of drivers broke posted speed limits in school zones, within 30 minutes proceeding and proceeding

Dec 13

Tips For Buying Car Camera Recorder In Singapore

Car cameras are the latest technology in auto accessories and many fleet owners are installing car surveillance camera system in their vehicles for various reasons. While most car manufacturers are rolling out new car models fitted with car cameras, old cars too can be easily fitted with a good surveillance system. If your car doesnt have this modern yet very useful technology, then get one from online stores. Online auto accessory stores offer a variety of car surveillance system for all types of vehicles. It is a great product for both individual car owners, taxi operators and fleet owners to help them protect against theft.

What Are The Different Ways To Use Car Cameras?

New cars that come fitted with cameras basically provide drivers rear view. This makes backing up and parking much easier and safe. However, car cameras can serve many other purposes than just providing rear view. Fleet owners can buy a good car camera recorder in Singapore and install it in their vehicles to record activities of drivers and passengers. These cameras are also capable of recording journeys and can provide evidence in the event of an accident or theft. Vehicles installed with car cameras reduce the risk of thefts and speed up legal formalities in the event of accidents.

Tips on How to Buy Car Cameras

Whether you travel in your car frequently or occasionally, a car camera can always come handy if your car is loaded with expensive gadgets and accessories or when you are left with no choice but to park your car in an unsafe place. Here are some tips to help you pick up a good car camera recorder in Singapore. Some of the features that you should look for in a car camera are; ability to record events from a

Dec 12

Hampton Roads Auto Accidents Create Need for Collision Repair

With a large number of bridges, tunnels and highways in Hampton Roads, Virginia it is no wonder there is a traffic accident in the region every 19 minutes. It is the most likely area in Virginia to have a vehicle wreck. As a result, many people must take their cars to a Hampton Roads body shop to be fixed. There are many parts of a vehicle that can be repaired or replaced after an accident, making it safe and looking just like new.

Auto glass is one of the most common items that must be replaced after an auto accident. Although the windshield on modern vehicles is specially designed to spider web instead of shatter in a collision, the glass still needs to be replaced. Virginia state vehicle inspections require a windshield that is both safe and allows for full visibility without obstruction from cracks, dings and spider webs. Replacing a windshield or other windows is not a do-it-yourself project for most car owners. It is a project best left to a professional to ensure a leak-free installation. Making sure windows glide properly on automatic or manual crank tracks is also tricky for the amateur.

Quarter Panels
The front and rear quarter panels on vehicles are frequently crunched in motor vehicle accidents. They must be replaced to avoid damaging the tires. Reconnecting and replacing the taillights and turn signal panels is also a side effect of quarter panel damage. This can be done at any Hampton Roads auto body shop, such as a Chesapeake collision center, which is centrally located in the area.

Front End Damage
With head-on collisions, the front end usually sustains the most damage. This requires fixing the hood, front fender, radiator and/or headlights. This may be expensive to repair, but generally costs

Dec 12

Automotive Repairs Tips For Troubleshooting Needed Auto Repairs

One of the basic cornerstones for receiving the appropriate automotive repairs is to troubleshoot the problem correctly. When a vehicle doesnt start, there can be a number of possibilities about what may be causing the actual problem. When you troubleshoot properly, it eliminates potential issues that aren’t the real auto repair problem and points you in the right direction. After all, there is no more frustrating waste of money or time than repairing or replacing an incorrect automotive part. Here are a few troubleshooting tips that can help you, inform you, and save you time, money, and frustration in getting the correct automotive repairs done as quickly as possible.

When troubleshooting for automotive repairs, starting out simply is the best approach. There are several very common problem areas in auto repairs. Some of them are, as follows: brake repair, no-start problems, suspension issues, rattles, ticks, grind, and crunches, warning lights, and transmission problems. One of the trickiest areas of automotive repairs to troubleshoot involves your electrical system. Your automotive repair shop can start out by examining your fuses and plug wires, or by checking out any starting problems.

While troubleshooting problems can sometimes seem to be daunting, as long as your auto repair center takes the right steps in the right order, youll find out what is really causing your vehicle to malfunction. Once youve analyzed the automotive repairs needed, you can begin moving in the right direction to take care of them. The specific process that the auto repair requires and the ways to get the problem fixed become clear and straightforward.”

Dec 11

New Research Shows Search Ads Drive Brand Awareness In Automotive

A recent study from market research group Ipsos MediaCT and Google has tracked the effects pay-per-click search ads have on brand awareness in a variety of different industries. Of all of the industries for which data was recorded, the automotive industry was listed as the industry in which brand awareness is most significantly boosted by pay-per-click search advertising. According to the study, those in the automotive industry can expect about a nine percentage point lift in top-of-mind awareness of a product among consumers if their ads appear in Google search.

The Ipsos MediaCT/Google study was conducted using 800 consumers who ran different searches on various keywords. Next, they were presented with either Control results for the search engine page or Test results that listed the brand in question on top. Lastly, study participants were questioned on which brand came to mind first in a particular industry and based on a particular keyword. While 14.8 percent of participants who had been shown Test results named the brand listed prominently in the results, only 8.2 percent of participants in the Control group named the brand in question.

A total of 12 different industries were examined in this study, and on average the study showed that search ads raise brand awareness across all industries by about 6.6 percentage points. Yet the test results are of particular interest to those in the automobile industry due to the fact that brand awareness in the automotive industry increased by 2.4 percentage points higher than the average raise for all industries at 9 percentage points. This data clearly indicates that automakers and those in the automobile industry might want to put increased focus on search marketing to raise brand awareness.

One automaker has already put search marketing to use in a big way to increase brand awareness.

Dec 10

Nissan Navara Engine Stronger And Suitable For Sedan To Drive A Long Distance

Nissan Navara Engine: Stronger And Suitable For Sedan To Drive A Long Distance

The Nissan Navara is a pickup truck which came from the generation of D22 and D40 series of the Nissan Company (Nissan). Before the Nissan Navara, this model is known as the Nissan Frontier in the market of South America and Philippines in 1998. According to the model of D22 series, the frontier was firstly introduced in 1997 as Nissan Hard body truck which was four cylinder engine, in order to four stroke gasoline piston engine but it got the popularity for using the V6 engine and 3.3L engine in 1999. The most important point is that the frontier was also known as the Nissan Navara which was modified by the initial condensed pickup named as Frontier crew cab. It had four door body styles and also a heavy duty version of full size trucks used as marketable vehicles in North America and also it was aggressed in Asia as well as Europe.

The D22 Frontier was built in Japan in 1997 through 2000 as a single cab, king cab, crew cab engine in the midst of petrol and diesel 5sp instruction manual program. A particular product of this corporation was published as wilderness sprinter which had a king cab stand engine that means 4*4frame was available in this model which was gave us improve in traverse stature, big tires and four speed 2 door drive train. The company used V6 type engine. Other engines were 2.4L I4 and 3.3L V6 VG33E, 2.4L KA24DE I4, 2.5L TD25 DIESEL, 2.7L TD27TDTi I4 DIESEL, 2.7L TD27TDETi I4 DIESEL, 2.7L TD273 I4 DIESEL, 3.0L ZD30DDT I4 DIESEL, 3.2L QD323 I4 DIESEL used for this truck.

According to the D40 series the Navara was introduced a compressed and innovative model of

Dec 08

Learning To Succeed As An Automotive Hr Manager

The human resources department at the average UK automotive firm is a busy place. Positions throughout the firm are open on a weekly basis, which means that thousands of applications pour into the department via post or e-mail. Candidates come in for interviews with HR personnel while current employees utilise HR departments to answer pension or sick leave questions. All of these activities are happening simultaneously, with HR professionals trying to juggle one job responsibility along with several others. These professionals need a skilled HR manager in order to help them keep their automotive firm full of talented professionals.

Automotive HR managers need to learn how to succeed in their jobs for a number of reasons. Exceeding expectations and performing in an exemplary manner will be noticed by automotive executives, especially in regards to a talented work place assembled by an HR department. As well, HR managers who are successful in their job ensure that their subordinates have the tools and confidence to succeed in their jobs. In essence, the automotive HR manager’s success provides a domino effect throughout the firm.

The question then is how an HR manager can learn to succeed in the automotive industry. The first step for these management professionals is to assess their communication skills. Obviously, those who hired the automotive HR manager in question knew that they had the potential to be a great communicator. However, effective communication requires hard work and constant awareness of how different people need to be communicated with differently. By understanding how they communicate in various situations, an HR manager is aware of their shortcomings and may implement solutions to these issues.

As well, automotive HR managers need to exude confidence in everything they do. From hiring decisions to simple paperwork on behalf of an engineer, HR

Dec 08

What Are Aftermarket Car Parts Advantages And Disadvantages

Some couples prefer to purchase the original spare parts from the car manufacturer. But there are advantages and disadvantages of going in for the aftermarket car parts. Hence, it is necessary to be fully aware of these.

However, before that, it is necessary to understand the basic difference between the original parts and the aftermarket parts. The original parts are the ones which are prepared by the manufacturer of the car whereas the aftermarket car parts are the ones prepared by some other independent car dealers who prepare spare parts for the cars. You can go in either of the two depending upon your personal preference.

Here we are would briefly describe about the advantages and disadvantages of the aftermarket car parts. This would simplify the task of finalizing either of the two for your cars.

Merits of going in for after car parts are listed below:

Quality: Aftermarket car parts are of an excellent quality as compared to the original parts manufactured by the makers of the car. It would help you make your car extremely distinct from the other cars of the similar type.

Availability: These spare parts are easily available. You can easily get the desired car parts and use it. Some car dealers also sell these aftermarket car parts. You can purchase it from them and use them in your car. These can be easily done when you when you do the servicing of your car from the car dealer.

Variety: There are plenty of varieties of aftermarket car parts that are available in the market. Hence, you can check out the quality and the price of each of these and go in for the best one that suits your requirement.

Improvements in your car: These aftermarket car parts would help you to improvise the

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Buy Excel Quality Chevy 350 Boat Engine Parts

One of the powerful engines used for both autos and marine applications is Chevy 350 engine. Chevy 350 engines have gone under many changes since it is manufactured and still it is in use because of its sturdy and muscular nature. When engine replacement is essential, the prominent name or alternative that comes before is 350 Chevy engine. Boat motor Chevy 350 engine differs a little than auto engine but offers good alternative for boat engine replacement. Are you looking for Chevy 350 marine engine around? Your search ends here. Chevy 350 Motor provides wide range of Chevy 350 auto engines as well as Chevy 350 boat engine parts.
Chevy 350 boat engine is actually 5.7Ltr marine engine. You will find variety of these engines at our store. Our inventory offers plenty of marine engines with different specifications like flat lifters, roller lifters, two bolts main or four bolts main etc. you can choose right Chevy 350 boat engine as per your requirements. Instead of choosing expensive new OEM engine, you can choose cheap remanufactured engine confidently with reliable store like us. We provide a line of remanufactured engines for you. Remanufacturing is not merely building the engine but renewing all its internal parts to offer excel quality engines in lesser prices.
For all remanufactured boat motor Chevy 350 engines, we offer excellent 7 years / 70000miles warranty to yield good returns to your money. For marine engines, we offer warranties of 12months/12000miles on long blocks as well as short blocks. We provide superb personal services to make your rebuilt marine engine or auto engine purchase delightful. You will find free hotline helping for all engine issues and queries any time. We are ISO9002 and QS9000 certified store where you need not worry about quality of remanufactured Chevy

Dec 07

Decreasing Truck and Auto Accidents on Texas Roads

Auto and truck accidents happen every day – in fact there are, on average, 9 traffic related fatalities in Texas each day. Although we call them ‘accidents’ the real fact of the matter is that by far the majority of traffic accidents are caused by distracted, inebriated or negligent drivers. Houston car accident lawyers can be there for you when you’ve been in an accident. In cases of personal injury, hospitalization or even simple loss of work due to loss of transportation, a Houston auto accident lawyer can help ensure you get a fair settlement from the insurance company.

Distraction is one of the primary causes of auto accidents. From talking or texting on the cell phone to putting on makeup, to eating food – there are many reasons that our attention can be pulled from the road – even for just a second. As Houston car accident attorneys know, a second of distraction is all it takes to cause an injury accident. Distracted or drowsy drivers are a danger, not only to other cars on the road, but also to themselves. Eliminate those distractions from your driving life and perhaps you will not need to call on a Houston auto accident lawyer.

Another major cause of auto accidents on Texas highways is Drunk Driving. Too many people get behind the wheel when they shouldn’t, falsely confident of their own capabilities to drive while drunk. Houston car accident attorneys are skilled at handling the heartbreak caused by drunk drivers who so often walk away practically unscathed from the accidents they caused. Making yourself aware of the legal blood alcohol limits and the correlating drink measures is the first step to preventing drunk driving. Taking responsibility for our friends is another – never let a friend drive drunk and

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