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Northside Chicago Toyota Body Shop – Auto Repair Shop

Northside Chicago Toyota Body Shop is one of the pioneers among the auto repair shops in Chicago. Established in (Insert the year of establishment), Northside Chicago Toyota Body Shop offers top-quality, and comprehensive auto repair and vehicle maintenance services at the most competitive rates.

Mission At Northside Chicago Toyota Body Shop, we value our clients and always try to deliver our best services to make the clients happy and satisfied. Be it is to save your investment or to use dealer parts, our technicians provide you with the best options. We are known for our honest and unbeatable service.

Our Location At Northside Chicago Toyota Body Shop, we have two offices. The two offices are located at W. Lawrence and W. Grand in Chicago, Illinois. You can visit any of these offices to avail our auto repair and vehicle maintenance services.

Prime Serving Areas

At Northside Chicago Toyota Body Shop, we provide auto repair services in various parts Greater Chicago, the chief serving regions being Albany Park, North Park, Rogers Park, Lincoln Park, Humboldt Park, West Loop, River North, United Center and Lakeview neighborhoods

Our Infrastructure

Our great infrastructure is a reason behind our success. We have 5 EZ liner frame machines, 1 brewco legend self clamping frame machine, 2 celette sevenne uni-body dedicated fixture bench frame machine, 4 miller mIG welders, PR2,000 Pro-Spot squeeze type resistance welder and chief genesis laser uni-body measuring system. Our computer systems include com-est estimating software, collision link direct to dealership, chief precision Specs software, ADP Estimating Software and photo imaging and digital imaging hardware and software.

Our Services

Following are the array of services we provide at Northside Chicago Toyota Body Shop:

Complete auto body repair and paint

Custom auto body work

Body kit paint and installation

Complete automotive restoration

Fiberglass work


Aug 22

Toyota Previa Engine Excellence In Variation And Well Developed Engine

Toyota Previa Engine: Excellence In Variation And Well Developed Engine

The earliest production of Previa was acquired the market place in the United States of America in 2000. In the beginning the Previa was 187 inches long and 71 inches wide. Previa was used 2.4L petrol engine .There are two version of Previa. One is the Toyota Estima which was published in the market of Japan in 1992. Other one is Toyota Targo which was introduced firstly in Australia. The Toyota Estima is used 2.2L turbo charged diesel engine as well as 2.4L petrol engine. Approximately it had seven comfortable seats and four wheel drives. After that, the new version of estima came out with 3.0L PETROL engine named as the Toyota estima hybrid which was more fuel efficient coupe and these types of coupe had same number of seats and wheel drive as previous versions. The novel previa also supplied the 2.4L type engine with four -speed routine convey that brings flat power, better fuel monetary system, improved driving appearance and low emissions.

The new version of Toyota Estima came out as capacity of 2400cc to 3000cc with low mileage. The company used the 2.2L TD type engine. Four -wheel drive, twin Aircon, rear heater, stereo system, electrically controlled mirrors, privacy glass were the important quantities of this coupe. 2.4L petrol engine car was the more new invention of the Toyota Estima car which contains more than previous facilities such as the five -door mechanically operated, air-conditioning equipment, adjustable seat, adjustable steering column and the alarming mechanism etc. Recently the company has been produced the 2.0L AZ-FE VVTi four cylinder DOHC engine. Specifications of this model are displacement-2362cc, maximum power-117.68kw at 5600 rpm, power density-10.25, fuel system- electronic fuel injection, maximum torque- 220. 65Nm at 4000 rpm, the compression

Aug 21

Deutz Fl912 Engines And Spare Parts, Engine Parts, Tractor & Tractor Spare Parts Manufacturer

Windsor is one of the leading suppliers of spares parts, components and assemblies for automotive application, having a vast sales network in many markets in Africa and South America.

Windsor was founded in early 1996 with the desire to make available world class after market Engine parts that are produced in India. Our target, though difficult, was clearly defined. For any requirement from abroad our target was to achieve the quality, finish and packaging standard of the best brand available in that particular market. We Tran scripted the product through metallurgy, manufacturing process, treatment etc. to withstand the physical tests necessary for each item. We supplemented the product with finest detailing, such as Bar Coding. ALL THIS ! to give the product our name ‘WINDSOR’, yet at affordable price of after market. The results were gratifying. In a short span of time our products have been acknowledged as of the highest quality coming out of India and indeed not very short of the world’s best brands. Our efforts are to make a range between expensive original parts and cheap after market parts.
As supplier of Engine spare Parts from India. Windsor is a respectable name in supplying exports ncommunity in India. We are leading manufacturer of Light Engineering Goods that include Auto Parts and Automobile spare Parts. Our range for Tractor Parts includes spares for Engine spare Parts, Massey Ferguson, Engine spare Parts. Range for Engine spares includes Engine spare Parts,Perkins , Lombardini and spares for Engine spare Parts. We are expert in development of new products specifically suited for overseas markets based on specifications – Samples – Drawings provided by our customers. We are perhaps the 1st and only Co. in India to have developed over 500 items for a Engine spare Parts of German & Romanian make,

Aug 20

Why Do You Have To Look For Auto Insurance Rate Quote Online

There are many various reasons for you to see the auto insurance rate quote on the web. There are some companies that provide the rate on the web site of the business. This is helpful only to a particular extent. The rates that are provided on a neutral website are much much more useful simply because it tells of the correct rate that can’t be altered as and when the business desires to do it. So, make sure that you check the rates on sites where a comparison is made between the auto insurance rate quote that is supplied by various companies.

The other important aspect about the discovering the auto insurance rate quote on the internet is that you will also be in a position to discover some critiques of the businesses. The reviews are extremely essential simply because it will tell you the distinction between the companies that have been useful for a lot of individuals and the ones that have not been useful at all. The businesses that are helpful are the ones that usually spend the individuals. The ones that are not useful are the ones that delay the payment and you will have to run from pillar to post and also do a lot of paperwork. So, reading the online reviews and also discovering the auto insurance rate quote of the company through the web site is extremely important.

The other advantage of the auto insurance rate quote that is present on the web is that the business can’t attempt to alter the quote for people. In spite of this, you should also read the terms and the circumstances of each of the policies prior to you actually subscribe to it. This is simply because there are some businesses that will advertise an

Aug 20

Facts about Hiring a Search Engine Optimization Consultant

Search Engine Optimization offers a website with lots of advantages. It permits your website to boost its visibility by ranking on top of search engine results. This, then ensures loads of traffic because most people believe the results displayed on the first two pages include the most reliable information. As every website today understands the importance of SEO, a search engine optimization consultant also belongs to their record of important things for their website.

A search engine optimization consultant is required because not all web owners are programmers who are superior at enhancing and optimizing websites.

A search engine optimization consultant checks your website and checks if it is search engine friendly especially the content and keywords and several search engine optimization consultants even create your website for you and offers SEO services along with it. With a search engine optimization consultant, it’s like positioning your website in excellent hands. A search engine optimization consultant ensures this because he or she is skilled and well-informed about creating inbound links that could add traffic to your site and knows the right tools and techniques to utilize in making a search engine friendly website.

Now, because of the increasing need for a search engine friendly website and the request to be on top among other websites, SEO consultancy services are also becoming admired, that you can find just about lot of SEO providers out there which makes hiring the best search engine optimization consultant tricky, so you need to know what to look for when hiring one.

1. Keyword Tracking. A good search engine optimization consultant company must be able to trace your search engine rankings on the major search engines and provides daily reports, tracking your website’s growth as well as your competitors recognizing that keywords are

Aug 20

Automotive Service Technician Apprenticeship Is The First Step To Success

Some people who want to become automotive service technicians may be limited in obtaining an education because they cannot afford to take time off work from their current automotive position to advance their education. At Centennial College, students don’t have to choose. With the post-secondary’s automotive service technician training, there is an earn-while-you-learn approach. That makes it possible to learn while still making a living. How? First, during the three eight-week in-school sessions of the automotive service technician apprenticeship, students may qualify for income support through Employment Insurance Canada benefits or training allowance. Meanwhile, there are also five periods of 1,800 hours with an employer during which students are fully compensated for their work. In addition, if that time period doesn’t fit their schedule, students can complete the program by attending one day a week for three years or two evenings a week for three years.

To apply for this automotive service technician training, students have completed an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent and be employed as an apprentice. However, they cannot apply directly to the college or for admission. For general information about apprenticeship registration, students are asked to contact the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

Once they have gone through the application process and been accepted, students will discover a program that puts the emphasis on ensuring they obtain a good working knowledge of all of a vehicle’s systems: engines, electrical/electronics, fuels, transmissions and drivelines, steering, suspension and brakes. This occurs through the provinces largest transportation training centre, Ashtobee Campus. This facility houses workshop labs that simulate a real life environment and include tools of the trade and entire cars and car parts that have been donated to the school, on which students practice. Leading the students are professionals from the field who can offer

Aug 19

Autozone Auto Parts The Biggest Sponsors Of Auto Racing

AutoZone Auto Parts is one of the biggest supporters of auto racing in the US. Whether it is AutoZone Auto Parts automobiles or full AutoZone Auto Parts races they do it all. Recently they became sponsors of the NASCAR Elite division and we are going to take a look and see exactly what that means.

AutoZone Auto Parts – Elite NASCAR Sponsor

AutoZone Auto Parts is now the title sponsor for the NASAR Elite Division. The Elite Division, which will now be re-named the NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division, consists of four individual racing series in four regions of the country – Midwest, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest.

The NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division features Late Model style cars competing on a variety of short tracks and super speedways and serves as a feeder system to the NASCAR Grand National Division and NASCAR’s three national series.

What this means to you the fan is that one of the most exciting and original race series under the NASCAR umbrella gets some serious corporate sponsorship. While this is a lower level of competition in NASCAR, the racers in this division are of the utmost quality and competition is truly at a premium.

This division is designed to give competitors at local short tracks a path to advance their careers toward the Winston Cup, Busch, and Craftsman Truck Series. After mastering their skills in this division drivers can go to the Grand National Division.

The division will comprise nearly two hundred and fifty race teams competing in fifty events annually. Many times these events are held with the three national series to provide additional media and fan exposure for the teams and drivers. There were many drivers currently racing in NASCAR’s top circuit that began here.

At the end of the year the ten best drivers

Aug 19

How To Choose Best Car Navigation System And Install Quality Car Alarm And Car Stereo

A new car with features and sleek looks not only guarantees envious looks from onlookers but also attracts attention from people who are involved in car lifting. Most of these modern day cars come up with an advanced car alarm system which informs the owner about any misdeed or attempt done over to steal the car.

Not only the technology has advanced but also car lifters have gathered superior techniques to fool the car alarm system. Companies that are running fleets of car or provide services using such vehicle are always facing such danger. Advanced car alarm systems which include sophisticated finger print technology and other features are now available in the market.

Most of these cars come with car alarms, remote car starter and kill starter to prevent theft of cars. These systems have been found faulty most of the times and have proved to be non deterrent for auto thieves who can easily break away such alarm systems. One has to now look forward for using new and developed car alarm system to tackle such cases.
Remote car starter which works on signals can easily be tackled by thieves using code grabbers. Same is the fate of kill starters which can be made dysfunctional once one gets access to such device by opening the car hood.

Does this mean that we have no such feature to deter auto theft? No, new age car alarms that can face off such challenges offer fingerprint scanning , anti car jacking and host of other features. These devices are easy to install and offer hassle free security for your car. Finger print scanner used in such car alarms authenticate the car user after checking against series of parameters.

If car alarms provide safety while the car is parked, car navigation system

Aug 17

Mercedes-benz Used Cars- The B Class Is One Small Car

In Europe people love small cars and so its no surprise that Mercedes-Benz used cars like there B-Class model are very popular over there. Here in Canada and more so in the United States were still addicted to big SUVs even thou gas prices keep rising. Mercedes-Benz decided in late 2005 to release the B-Class in Canada because gas prices started rising like never before. This vehicle competes against the Mini-Cooper, BMW 1-Series and the Audi A3 for the small car luxury market place.

You would think that since the Mercedes-Benz, B-Class is an entry level model that the German automaker would not put the same craftsmanship they do in other more expensive models, but they do. You will also notice when you sit inside a B-Class, its exceptionally roomy for a small car. Some other technical info includes active headlight system with xenon lights, side air bags, active head restraints and a multifunction, multi button steering wheel. You will also find other goodies such as an iPod plug-in system that automatically links you to audio system.

There is several different fuel statistics for the different B-Class engines from the years of 2007 to 2010. The B200 (with manual transmission) had a fuel rating of 9.2-litres, per100km, for city driving and 6.7-litres, per 100km, for highway driving. The CVT had a fuel rating of 9.2-litres, per 100km, for city driving and 7.2-litres, per 100km, for highway driving. The B200s turbo engine (manual transmission) had a fuel rating of 10.2-litres, per 100km, for city driving and 6.9-litres, per 100km, for highway driving. The CVT had a fuel rating of 9.5-litres, per 100km, for city driving and 7.4-litres, per 100km, for highway driving.

With just two B-Class models there are only two engines to talk about. The B200 (the base model) had

Aug 17

Car Leasing, Vat & Capital Allowances – The Uk June 2010 Budget Effects

What is the impact on Car Leasing of the June 2010 Budget?

The two main changes that will have an impact on leasing costs are the increase in VAT from 17.5% to 20% from 4th January 2011, and the change in Capital Allowances. Also, Company Car Tax and Car Fuel Tax have upcoming changes.

Firstly, lets consider the VAT issue

When a business is leasing a vehicle, it can recover 50% of the VAT on the finance element of the contract (100% on the Maintenance element). A company purchasing cars cannot claim back any of the VAT on the purchase if there is an element of private use, so any increase in VAT makes it more attractive for a business to lease a car or van than it is for them to purchase the vehicle. The car leasing vs buying question has just become easier to resolve!

Contract Hire remains a very attractive method of vehicle acquisition for businesses. The reason that leasing companies can offer low rentals is because they can recover the VAT on the purchase of a vehicle, and account for VAT on disposal as well.

Changes in Capital Allowances make Car Leasing more appealing

The change in Capital Allowances means that companies purchasing vehicles with CO2 emissions up to 160g/km can only write down the cost at 18%, as opposed to 20% before the Budget. The figure for vehicles with CO2 emissions over 160g/km is 8%, down from 10% previously. These reduced writing down allowances should make car leasing even more attractive to businesses of all sizes.

Changes in Company Car Benefit In Kind Tax

There are many benefits of leasing a car for businesses and private individuals. However, as a company car driver, you are liable for Company Car Tax, otherwise known as Benefit In

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